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Success stories

Deze succesverhalen zijn allemaal echt en worden gratis en zonder betaalde beloningen gegeven.

De getuigenissen en successen zijn de resultaten van het doen van een YOVAN-plan voor gezonde ketose. De meeste van hen omvatten tegelijkertijd ook intemittent fasting.

testimonial-po-3-mesiacoch Dana.png

At the end of the summer, I came to Yovan for the first time. Because of health problems, also because of being overweight. During the measurement, Yovan found a number of inflammations in my body, which he identified as risky. He warned me that sooner or later they could trigger disease processes in my body. He strongly advised me to change my lifestyle and especially change my eating habits.
In the beginning it was not easy for me, in the recommended diet (without gluten and sugar) I did not always eat foods that were healthy. However, the restriction of sugars and gluten proved to be correct at the second measurement, some smaller inflammations disappeared completely and some became noticeably smaller. After a month, however, Yovan pointed out to me that the healing process in my organism is progressing slowly and he again explained to me what is necessary to change even more strongly in my way of eating. And it worked! After only a few days of significantly changing my menu, I started to feel much better and lighter. I currently eat two meals a day at most, but I feel fuller. I've only lost 2 kilos in three months, but people tell me that my facial expression is changing, it's narrower and my eyes are brighter... And my wallet was happy too😊. I shop less = less often, smaller quantities, and fewer types of food... And thanks to Yovan, I understood that it is cheaper to eat healthy - because being healthy and maintaining your health is much cheaper than being sick...

Dana Husárová, December 9, 2022

Hi, I am Elly,

last December I came into contact with Yovan.

I didn't feel well, wanted to lose weight, but I couldn't. I had no energy, could barely climb the stairs, and certainly not walk long distances.

My sugar levels were too high.

I must confess that I started with some skepticism.


I never managed to lose weight. Now 6 months later I can only say: I'm glad I started to improve my lifestyle. My sugar levels have halved, climbing stairs is good, walking 5 to 10 km with ease. Have much more energy and have lost 13 kilos. And all thanks to Yovan's expert guidance.

Yovan you made me see how wrong I was. But that it is reversible. I'm not where I need to be yet, but I'll get there, I'm sure of that.


And I'm not saying it was/is always easy. But thanks to good tips I will go back to it with full conviction


Many thanks for this Yovan!



Elly, June 25, 2022

In January 2022 I was still taking diabetes medication:

5x p.d. 500mg metformin.

In April 2022, my fasting sugar and long-term sugar were already so much lower. The 1 tablet could be peeled off.

Now, from August 2022, I only have 3 x p.d. tablet. Omeprasol can also be removed, this is a stomach protector.

Due to my high blood pressure I Losartan and nifedipine. I expect it to be less next time.

For the cholesterol I have on Simvastitine, I expect to be able to lower this as well.

I could never have done all this without Yovan's professional help.

I still have the motivation to keep going. And yes, sometimes it is difficult. But after another session, I was able to continue.


Sincerely, Elly

Arend Joosten.jpg

Great news... I feel reborn. The fire in me is still alive, often intense and not extinguished. I am much less hot-tempered and much less likely to catch fire. I was angry at everything and everyone. Mainly government-related topics were very often the reason for this flammable emotions. I was also afraid of the future, of new rules and guidelines.

In 2021 I suffered a disturebed blood sugar level. I was in the danger zone. I had to prove that I could controle the values with pills. The doctor and nurse presented me with a scenario of a lifetime taking medication against diabetes II, the so-called adult-onset diabetes. Well I didnt feel that old yet. But it is as it is. For the time being I was bound to the medication.

Slowly things went in the right direction again...but I was far from finished with the medicines.
Until I met Yovan at my garden market. Wilma and Yovan regularly came shopping from my fresh vegetables. Yovan invited me to come to the session, to come and see if there is room for improvement for my body. After 2 consultations, Yovan showed me
I could be off the medication at the end of 2021.

I wanted that, too. So I followed the protocol Yovan told me. The protocol is quite an attack on your habits regarding food and the times you eat. But perseverance wins, as the saying goes.
Already lost 11 kilos and am completely off the medication, in almost half a year. I couldn't do it without Yovan's knowledge and skills I recommend to you.”

Arend Joosten, December 21 2021

Hello, my name is Marina and below you can read about my experience with the coaching process at Yovan.


When I first came to Yovan I felt that my body was out of balance. I unconsciously had trouble making decisions in my life and making choices. Yovan explained to me a lot about how that could be, after which he gave me the first treatment with bioresonance. I also got nutritional tips. In the weeks that followed, I noticed a change in my body and mind. It is a process that is different for everyone and after each treatment you get back on the right track. Now, 5 treatments later, I really feel like I've found myself again. I quit my job and am going to travel... make some decisions and follow my heart.


I can recommend everyone to experience a treatment at Yovan. He is a coach with a lot of experience and really takes the time for you.



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