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Why Threewells?


Natural Ingredients

Since 2000 we are on our continious quest to offer natural, honest and most active ingredients with a broad synergistic effect.
We know our suppliers personally, and results in only the purest energies and intentions and results in maximum effectiveness of our formulations..
Why we only work with natural ingredients:

  • organic ingredients are better and digested 

  • natural ingredients have a better synergistic effect

  • every ingredient is effective we don’t use fillers, chemical artificial additives

  • less chemical residues during metabolism

  • biological components are more easily absorbed by the body and cells

  • natural raw materials often contain more molecular components compared to chemical derivates

  • many herbs have an adaptogenic effect: they target the urgency of the body and mind at that moment

  • biological compounds work in wider range on divers bodysystems.


Food supplements are carriers of added frequencies!

We integrate most diverse frequencies in our formulations:  products, intentions, trigonometric figures, essential oils, flower remedies, healing stones, colors, sounds (such as dolphin frequencies and singing bowls)
a harmonious composition of frequencies similar to a chord or a combination of a symphonic orchestra that is added to our formulations

Working on emotional blockages, psychosomatic complaints, grounding, cosmic integration, purification of past lives.

Integral approach to balance Body – Mind – Soul
The frequencies are save and are “offered” to your systems, a formula consists of a large number of “hyperlinks” where you can download what suits you at that moment.
Safe for highly sensitive people and therefore versatile, with extremely high frequencies that greatly enhance the physical formulations.


Specific recovery packages

  • recovery packages customised to your specific needs

  • wide range effect which makes it effective for all body systems

  • recovery packages customised to your specific needs

  • 8 step program, restricted amount of capsules per day

  • targeting: digestion - resistance - detox - general support

  • support with questions from naturopathic practice

  • more than 20 years of experience

  • safe for all ages, including chronic conditions

  • can be used in conjunction with most medication

Our Products

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