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Enhancing Wellness Technology & Giving You A Chance To Be Part of Our Mission

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A Cutting-Edge Wellness Transformation System & Biotechnology Enterprise

The Impact of a Digital Revolution

Today, over three billion people use smartphones.

Homes all across the globe have computers and Wi-Fi routers, and our devices become faster and
more powerful day after day.
But all these modern conveniences come at a price…
Why do many of us feel drained, tired, and flabby these days?

Life energy robbers pull the energy out of your body. You encounter them in all kinds of life situations.

    - Work Environment       - Lack of Movement    - Electrosmog

   - Psychosocial Stress      - Sleep Disorders        - Mental Stress

   - Environmental Stress   - Unhealthy Diet          - And many more…


These stressors drain the life energy needed for your body’s self-regulating mechanisms. The human body is a fantastic and complex system that was designed by nature to be able to preserve itself to a large extent. However, an unhealthy diet, stress, electrosmog, basically all these well-known life energy robbers, can disrupt these processes.


The possible consequences? Your zest for life decreases and your well-being is fundamentally impaired. You feel unbalanced, unhappy, and exhausted.

Holistic Wellness Approach
to Solve Many of Today’s Problems

CENTROPIX offers breakthrough technologies that can help support your well-being.

The products of CENTROPIX complement each other perfectly – Protect yourself from life energy thieves with the BUBBLE & the COCOON. Get back the life energy you have once been robbed with the KLOUD.


The Pure Life Energy

Mobile, uncomplicated and luxurious – the KLOUD offers you an experience at the highest level. By supporting important self-preservation processes, the world’s first PEMA applicators take your well-being to a whole new level. Experts have worked for years to develop a solution to support the “inner doctor” so that we can better defend ourselves against the countless life energy thieves of today. The result is appreciated by thousands of users, medical doctors, physiologists, and physicists and promises valuable benefits for your well-being!

This link refers to a foreign e-shop so that you can get the products directly from the manufacturer - you will avoid additional fees and it will be cheaper.


App-Driven PEMA

Wellness in Your Pocket

The KLOUD applicators are one of the first wireless PEMA applications that can be controlled via an application. Thanks to the CENTROPIX app, multiple (number not limited) KLOUDs can be easily controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

Choose between five revolutionary programs (R.B.E.S.T.) and intensities, adapted to diverse needs.


E-smog Converter & Active Frequency Code

Generator for Every Life Situation


Thanks to sophisticated technology, the COCOON Room Converter transforms any place into a harmonious and relaxing retreat where you can recharge your life energy and strength.


This unobtrusive room converter converts the non-thermal e-smog of all technologies known to date within a radius of 25m. Thus, you and your family can be supplied with beneficial, natural frequency codes (e.g. Schumann frequency 7.6 – 8.2 Hz) for various needs of life.

This link refers to a foreign e-shop so that you can get the products directly from the manufacturer - you will avoid additional fees and it will be cheaper.


E-smog Converter, Active Frequency Code Generator Life Energy On the Go

The unique electronic concept of this small pendant can protect (converting) you from non-thermal e-smog while wearing it and provide your biofield with the important, natural frequency codes for skin and metabolism. At the same time, the BUBBLE provides life energy through a small pulsating electromagnetic field (7.6 – 8.2 Hz) similar to nature.

Thus, the BUBBLE can take your vitality to a whole new level.


This link refers to a foreign e-shop so that you can get the products directly from the manufacturer - you will avoid additional fees and it will be cheaper.


What our customers are saying

"My horses and I are happy users of the KLOUD Maxi. I use program 1 for school, so I can study all day. For my horse, I use the KLOUD to prepare for tournaments and to relax. After the tournament I use program 5 for my horses, so they can calm down and are strengthened for the next day"

Bart Jay Junior Vandecasteele

Junior European Champion

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